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Kruger National Park

Thinking of visiting the Kruger National Park?  Then Cook’s Comfort accommodation is perfect for you.  Here’s why…

Elephants swimming

As South Africans, we were born and grew up with the bush in our blood.  From a young age, we’ve enjoyed the beauty and excitement of countless visits to the Kruger National Park, and each visit is different and unique.  We never get tired of visiting the Park, and pop in regularly, whenever we feel like it.

krugermap2Because we love wildlife and the Kruger Park, we decided to establish Cook’s Comfort in its current location so that we and our guests would have easy access to the Kruger Park, any time and as often as they choose.

As a guest of Cook’s Comfort quality self-catering lodge, situated just 20-25 minutes drive from Numbi and Malelane gates, you can very easily enter the Kruger National Park as a day visitor, and spend the whole day viewing the endless variety of game and sights, and experiencing the natural bush.

Options and ideas to explore Kruger National Park as a day visitor:

There are many possible routes and activities to choose from when visiting the Kruger National Park as a day visitor.  Here are some ideas of how you could plan your trips to the Kruger Park when staying at Cook’s Comfort self-catering quality lodge.

  • Self-drive game-viewing, or
  • Organised, Guided tours


Self-drive game viewing:

  • Early morning rise-and-shine at Cook’s Comfort – admire the spectacular sunrise peeping over the surrounding Lowveld mountains as you look out from your Cook’s Comfort chalet balcony.  Hear the twitters and bird song of hundreds of birds flying between the trees in the cool, fresh, bushveld air.
  • Take a leisurely drive of ~ 20-25 minutes past beautiful forests, lakes, banana plantations, farms and intriguing local villages.
  • Arrive at Numbi Gate or Malelane Gate, and check in as a day visitor.  Depending on the time of year, gates open as early as 5:30 am.
  • Drive through the Park gates (Numbi or Malelane, or alternatively, Paul Kruger Gate or Phabeni if you would like to see another part of the southern Kruger Park).  Have your cameras and binoculars ready before you drive through, because you could see game right near the gate – large or small! Some of our best game viewings have been close to the gates.
  • Drive through to the first camp and enjoy breakfast at the camp restaurant, or a picnic breakfast you may have prepared yourself.  Pretoriuskop camp is closest to Numbi Gate, and Berg-en-Dal camp is closest to Malelane Gate.  Pop into the curio shop and spoil       yourself with an array of snacks and drinks for the car, maps of the park, and souvenirs.
  • Look for the information board that shows what animals other visitors have seen that day, and whereabouts.   Decide which direction you will head in – sightings of leopard, elephant, lion etc. just can’t be missed.
  • Make your way towards Skukuza camp.  This will take 1.5-3 hours, if not more, depending on how much you see along the way.
  • Have lunch at one of the picnic spots along the way, or at Skukuza camp.  You will find a tantalising barbeque at the restaurant, take-away and sit-down meals, good coffee and fantastic viewing area over the river.   We often see elephant swimming, buffalo and crocodiles from the viewing area, right up close – not to be missed.
  • Take a slow drive beyond Skukuza, travelling along the Sabie river.  Look out for the resident leopard in the area, as well abundant buffalo, hippo and elephant, amongst other animals.
  • Around mid-afternoon, after an exciting experience of game viewing around the Skukuza area, head south or west on a new route in the Park, in the direction of the Park gate you entered, or choose another gate to see different scenery and wildlife on your way out.  Enjoy game viewing all the way to the gate.
  • Take a leisurely drive back to Cook’s Comfort lodge in White River, enjoying the beautiful scenery against the backdrop of a stunning African sunset.
  • Enjoy a barbeque / “braai” and the sounds of the African wildlife in the bushveld around Cook’s Comfort as you relax at the Chill Zone or on your chalet’s private balcony.  Reflect back on the wonders of your day’s sightings and experiences at the Kruger Park and plan your next visit!

Organised tours

  • There are a number of qualified, reputable tour operators in the White River area who offer specialised tours of the Kruger National Park.
  • You can choose from a number of different packages, depending on your specific requirements and preferences.
  • Tour operators can collect you from Cook’s Comfort and transport your party to the Kruger Park, or would arrange to meet you at a designated meeting point.
  • Cook’s Comfort would be happy to assist you with details regarding tour operators in our area.

Staying at Cook’s Comfort gives you the flexibility to choose the days in which you will go game-viewing in the Kruger National Park.  You get the best of both worlds.  If the weather is rainy and miserable, by staying at Cook’s Comfort you can choose to do many other rainy-day activities outside of the Park.   And when the weather is good and sunny, spend a day, or a few days, in the Kruger Park as day visitors.    It’s the best way to see and do everything you would like to, no matter what the weather decides to do.

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The photos on this page are our own photos that we have taken over the years.  We hope you enjoy them, and that you will have many of your own memories after your visit to the Kruger Park.